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WAY Investment Services Ltd

The client

WAY is a leading provider of flexible inheritance tax trust solutions. They operate in an industry which can be subject to complexity and frequent legislative change, where related estate concerns create a need for adaptable solutions.

The brief

The WAY Group were keen to expand their product range in order to provide a suite of solutions that addresses the varied needs of their target market.

Conscious of the importance of maintaining brand consistency across a rapidly developing product range, they invited us to pitch for the production of a style guide to be used in house to ensure all marketing communications across their product range were unified.

Having successfully won the pitch the brief then expanded into redesigning the WAY Group’s brochure range and from there we have developed an ongoing relationship over the last few years.

What we have delivered

Establishing style guidelines based on the colour palette and fonts already present in the website enabled us to create a template capable of clearly informing the design of the brochure range.

Through the use of white space and consistent visual branding as outlined in the style guide we were able to bring greater clarity and cohesion to communications allowing the content to become easier to digest.

We also stipulated the use of a larger font size to accommodate WAY’s slightly older target market and introduced more family friendly imagery into their materials to give a greater sense of accessibility to both WAY and their products.

We have continued to reference the style guidelines as we’ve move forward with the WAY Group, helping ensure their expanding product range and hence marketing collateral retains the unified look and feel that we were originally engaged to provide.

What the client says

"We have been using Applebee Creative for over 5 years, from the time we first discussed the style guide for in house use to today with creating literature for use on both our websites and for our clients. They have been, at all times, helpful with their ideas and go out of their way to ensure we are happy with the final outcome. 
A pleasure to work with them.”

- Tony Lyons - Adviser Support Manager, WAY Investment Services

Mornington Peninsula | Victoria | Australia
T: +61 (0) 415 196 723 | gill@applebeecreative.com.au