Composite Profiles


The client

Established in 1992, Composite Profiles is a leading UK metal decking contractor. They have worked on many notable landmark buildings across the UK. With Building Excellence at their core, their vision is to create the highest performing team possible and build inspirational spaces for society. When we met them they were looking forward to celebrating their 25 year anniversary.

The brief

We were engaged by RAB Marketing to design an anniversary logo that would be used in conjunction with the corporate logo and be rolled out across various print collateral commemorating the milestone.

At the same time we were asked to submit designs for a new company logo and an icon suite illustrating Composite Profiles' vision, values and mission to provide a trustworthy, competent service of the highest quality.

Once the logo and icon suite were finalised, we were then asked to create the design for a comprehensive Brand and Communications Guide which was to include the visual branding we had created.

What we have delivered

We designed a simple 25 year anniversary logo in keeping with the branding of the new company logo so as to maintain a visual connection between the two but ensure primary focus remained on the main logo.

For the new company logo we created an interplay of the company’s initials C and P to represent the interlocking nature of the construction materials and also to represent Composite Profiles' commitment to building excellence through relationships.

We chose to keep the primary colours of light and navy blue from Composite Profiles' original logo allowing us to achieve a level of brand continuity and chose a clean, modern font to reflect the progressive nature of the business.

This then formed a part of the brand guidelines brochure we designed which was to be used for internal reference and as a marketing piece for potential clients.

More recently, we have been working with Composite Profiles to develop a suite of printed materials to be sent out to potential customers showcasing their extensive construction portfolio.

What the client says

"We’ve been really pleased with not only the work that Applebee Creative produce but the manner in which they work. I have worked with many designers over the years and find Applebee Creative extremely easy and positive to work with. They have a great balance between delivering to the brief whilst also imparting their own opinions and ideas on what will work best. Nothing ever seems too much trouble. You can tell that their overriding drive is to produce something everyone loves, and they're not happy until their client is 100% happy.”

- Rebecca Brown - Marketing Director, Composite Profiles

Mornington Peninsula | Victoria | Australia
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